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Who is The Marketing Department LLC?

We’re a Digital Marketing Agency located in the Heart of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, its Beautiful here! Just like our work, We do Killer Websites, Online Marketing Campaigns that CONVERT, Google Ad’s, Facebook Ad’s, Mobile Ad’s, all sorts of Social media campaigns, and oh yeah, we drive customers through your doors.

If you can think of it, we can build it…and we’ve done it for years…

We realize the Best website design and social media gets you nowhere without marketing, and when we say marketing, when mean traffic, and a ton of it, online marketing is what we do…

We use,

Search Engine Optimization
PPC Management
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
E-Mail Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Video Marketing
and a whole lot more

to drive traffic to you.

We know how to export the dreams from your head in your bed to reality, and we have the people to do it and the experience to prove it.

We enjoy the lakes, boating, rafting, skiing, Motorcycles, the dragon, the shows in Pigeon Forge, Cabins in Gatlinburg, Church and working our Butts off for you. We play Hard and we work hard,

Our Sales Team,
Marketing Managers
Social Media Managers,
Content writers
Graphic Designers
Photographers and Videographers are awesome, so awesome, it makes you giggle, they love what they do and they do it for you…

Our Clients love us to? Why? Why wouldn’t they, we do awesome work, we answer the phone, every-time, and we are affordable, insanely affordable.

Whether you’re a small business that wants to dominate a local market or a large business that wants to reach (dominate) a national or international market, we have the experience and solutions to tackle your goal!

We work with the ma and pa shop on the corner to the big corporation out for global domination,

We say what we do, and we Do What we Say, Everyday…Give us a call and let us do it for you, we are, YOUR marketing department…