Let’s Talk About Leads

Exclusive, Qualified, Affordable Franchise Lead Generation.

It’s all about results.

We’ll become an integrated partner, you can trust.

Franchise sales begin with building a relationship. We want to supply the introduction & by the time your sales team speaks to the prospect, the leads feel like they already know you & your brand.

We’ll build the three pillars of relationship building, Know/Like/Trust.

We’ll provide a proven & tested (yet personalized) customer acquisition funnel that works. Then track precisely how many leads we cultivate and the quality of those leads.

Ditch the portals & hire an entire Marketing Department.

It’s all about RESULTS.

Persona Targeting


We develop an avatar or persona of your perfect franchisee during a brief interview with you.

We’ll ask some hard but necessary questions.

Then develop multiple landing pages to speak specifically to the people we are targeting.

Existing Multi-Unit Operators will get words like Item 19, Avg Annual Volume.

Potential Individual Operators will see words like, Costs, Revenues.

US Veterans will be addressed as such.




We’ll develop Multiple Ads that speak directly to our prospects.

We’ll continuously measure which Ads work and which ones don’t to yield the highest performing Ad and the Best Bang for the Buck!

We call this A/B Split Testing.

We also do this on the landing pages.


When a visitor clicks an Ad but did not complete the information request form, we still have vital information.

We’ll place a cookie on his device and tag his profile to show him more Ads, later.

Maybe he’s never heard of you before. We’ll use this to show Ads everywhere he goes online to build trust. (And we mean everywhere).

Maybe he needs to talk to his wife or she to her husband, and plan to come back later. Have you ever done that?

We just need to give them a little reminder and link…and maybe a share button. (secret: if they don’t click the Ad, we don’t pay)

We’ll show your Ads everywhere online. And we mean EVERYWHERE!

Part Social Media Marketing,

Part Pay-Per-Click, Part Display Ads,

Part Search Engine Marketing.

The real key is Targeting…

Show the right Ads to the Right People at the

Right time.

We have several Channels that we can deliver Ads on. The most frequently used will be:


Google Search

Google Display Syndication

Audience Targeting


We’ll use targeting to make sure that we are hitting the right people. The different segments we will use include:

Custom: Custom database, we will upload phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook user IDs, and app user IDs from custom databases we own such as RFDC, and other Trade Show lists.

Lookalike: Now that we have a picture of your customer database, Facebook & Google can find similar users to open up a whole new set of potential customers.

** Location, Location, Location: This is important, especially for a new franchise, who wants the 1st locations to be regional. Ads will specifically target a region, city or state. We can also target areas where you would love to have a franchise.

Age, Gender, Language: The Beached white male, The graduated Millennial, The Gen X’r. Target them, understand their wants & needs, speak to them in their language.

Detailed Targeting: This approach is used to target new customers or people.who’ve never heard of your business before. It involves demographics, interests, behaviors, and other categories.

Retargeting: We will follow around interested buyers with high-quality targeting content. We can do this by using data Facebook & Google has given us. Recent visitors to our site will be introduced to a plethora of retargeting ad campaigns to entice him/her to come back and finish their purchase/opt-in.

Marketing Automation / CRM


We supply a Marketing Automation System that includes a Customer Relationship Management Platform.

Everyone on your team will have a login and will be able to see leads generated, follow up activities and deal tracking.

(Already have Salesforce or another CRM? No Problem, our platform will likely integrate.)

The automation part

When a prospect fills out an information request form:

  1. We tag their Google & Facebook Profiles.
  2. The system automatically emails them the information they requested. The system tracks if they open it and if they click anything in the email such as link to download the PDF document.
  3. We move them in to a Leads qualification status in the CRM.
  4. The salesperson is notified that he has a new lead and sent an synopsis via SMS and/or Email.
  5. The Synopsis has the leads contact information provided, but if they use that email on social media profiles such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, those links are now also associated with the prospect.
  6. A time table has now been started. The system will rank the prospect based on their activity and the response that the salesperson has received.
  7. Once a response has been received and the ranking qualifies, they will be moved to the deal stage to help in the closing or movement towards a discovery day.

We measure and score prospects based on life of the lead and activity levels


Our Approach

We don’t just set it and forget it.

We have a proven track record of consistently driving leads in to Franchise Sales Funnels.

We partner with Google, Facebook and other platforms to develop the most optimized conversion tools possible.

The Casual Pint is a Craft Beer Market & Pub. We began working The Casual Pint as a new Franchisor. They had 2 locations open and had sold 3 locations.

After 18 months of engagement, we had generated over 4,000 leads, total sales at that time were 38 units with 27 of them now open.

We are also engaged with the Franchisees to generate Grand Opening Traffic.



Once we engage in an agreement, Ads can be submitted as soon that day to begin the process. We will need to conduct our interview so that we can form our targeted persona and geographic area.

Landing pages and lead forms will be generated within 1 to 2 business days.

A/B Split testing will begin with the 1st click.

In as soon as 1 week we will start receiving leads. Initial quantity will be based on the size of your sales team.

Approximately 30 days in, we will see what the lead flow and quality is looking like.

In 90 Days, we should be able to forecast any discovery days or closings and adjust accordingly.

If your franchise process looks similar to the below, we are ready to go. Need it adjusted? We can do that on the fly.



To get started, we’ll require you to invest a small setup fee for the software, all new graphics to be used and/or formatted and the setup of our platforms.

We’ll participate in weekly sales meetings.

Moving forward you’ll agree to pay The Marketing Department LLC a percentage of the initial Franchise Fee, Area Fee and or Area Development Fee within 3 business days of the receipt of payment after a sale closes.

Sales will be marked in the Lead.ly software as such.

We hope to be an integral partner of your sales team and future franchise growth.

We’ll be responsible for all Digital Ad spend that we manage, including all creative and ongoing optimization.

That’s right, we pay the monthly fee’s, you just pay us on the initial fee’s that you receive on franchise sales that we generated the lead for.

Sound interesting? Let’s talk..

(and if you don’t complete the form, don’t be surprised to start seeing our Ads, Everywhere)




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